A Well Fed World

“Since 2009, we have provided 2,500+ grants totaling more than $8.7 million dollars in 77 countries. Apply for a grant to support your plant-based feeding, farming and/or advocacy.”

Action Projects | Learning for a Sustainable Future

“EcoLeague funding is available for schools to engage in an Action Project. Action Projects must be interactive, educational, and address a local sustainability issue. LSF provides up to $400 in EcoLeague funding per school.”

Awesome Foundation

“Every two months, the Vegan Chapter of the Awesome Foundation grants $1000 to an awesome vegan project, no strings attached.”

Community Foundation | Canada Post

“The Community Foundation awards grants to Canadian schools, charities and community organizations that make a difference in the lives of children and youth, up to the age of 21. Grants are available for projects that support health, education and community.”

Learning Gardens | Nutrients for Life

“Education is at the roots of understanding the living world around us. Learning Gardens are outdoor, educational environments where students discover soil science and agricultural sustainability through hands-on practice.”

Frederic A. McGrand Trust Grant | Humane Canada (Atlantic Canada only)

“Senator Frederic A. McGrand’s principal interest was humane education; therefore, applications must focus on projects or programs in this area. The definition of humane education includes any activity that instructs, or aids instruction, with the purpose of fostering compassion and respect towards animals.”

Garden Grant Program | Whole Kids Foundation

“At Whole Kids Foundation, we know that the more kids know and feel connected to their food, the more curious they become about how things grow or taste, and the more willing they are to try new foods. This is why we believe in edible garden learning spaces!”

Giant Steps Foundation

“When animals and people are provided with opportunities to flourish amazing things happen. When we care for others and the world around us, we contribute to a sustainable future. This is why Giant Steps Foundation collaborates with organizations in the animal welfare, environment and health and human services. The issues we engage in may seem disparate, but they share the characteristics of being deeply rooted in powerlessness and inequality. Together, we believe we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our investments.”

GO Grants | HCTF Education (BC only)

“HCTF offers education grants to support opportunities for BC youth to learn, experience and connect to our natural world.”

Go Wild School Grants | World Wildlife Fund

“From coast to coast, Canada is bursting with natural riches, diverse species and varied ecosystems that sustain us and provide benefits essential for a healthy life. To show our appreciation, let’s take care of nature so it can continue taking care of us. Each fall, students and educators are invited to apply for a grant to kick-start school projects that help nature thrive.”

Plant Project | Earth’s Own

“If you’ve got a rad product, project or idea that will support the plant-based movement, we are here for it. Apply today and you could be one of the lucky recipients to be awarded grants of up to $25,000!”

#RisingYouth Community Service Grants | TakingITGlobal

“Do you have a simple project idea to support your community? TakingITGlobal (TIG) is looking for young people who are inspired with ideas and ready to take action through youth-led community service grants.”

Roots & Shoot’s A.P.E. Fund | The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

“Making a difference for Animals, People and the Environment. Submit an application and take action with your community project. Apply for up to $1,000 of project funding from Roots & Shoots Canada.”

School Tech Grants | Best Buy

“School Tech Grants are offered as a way for schools to improve or integrate technology in their classrooms to advance student learning. This could include new technologies for areas including libraries, special needs classrooms, literacy programs and STEM courses, etc.”

Special Projects Grants | VegFund

“VegFund’s Special Project Grant program is designed for longer-term projects, rather than one-time events. Special Projects typically are designed to reach a broad audience or to build deeper connections with a smaller target audience and are planned with specific implementation timelines. Examples: Humane education and other school-year outreach, Learning tools such as curriculum development, video series, training modules, etc.”

The Pollination Project

“The Pollination Project exists to uplift grassroots change-makers whose work helps build a kinder, more compassionate world. We don’t have narrowly defined criteria for projects we fund, preferring to be led by our community and applicants like you.”

Young Leader Grant | Nature Canada

“Women for Nature have established a grant/bursary ($1000) for a young person (under 30) to develop and implement a project to celebrate the role that nature plays in our Canadian culture and identity.”

Whole Kids Foundation – Garden Grant Program

At Whole Kids Foundation, we know that the more kids know and feel connected to their food, the more curious they become about how things grow or taste, and the more willing they are to try new foods. This is why we believe in edible garden learning spaces!

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